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the fan. the news. in the two was released to show you around sixteen thousand new teaching personnel taking part in exercises in the way sport to russia as tension between bush and the west increases and the crises in ukraine's crimean peninsula the exercise which is being seen as a show with strength comes the european union and the us increased pressure on moscow after russian troops in the crimea. us embassy officials in warsaw also confirmed that several f sixteen fighter jets arrived in parliament to support made to its eastern members crime
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you should do to hold a referendum on some debate over whether to join but should i move like to be seen as illegal by the seduction community. palestinian militants fired at least eighteen broke its excessive in israel on thursday just hours after agreeing to a ceasefire. most of them were adding to the western negev in between trees and downed it will cost two of them leave to set the bar high end compact respects seven ep is no truce was agreed after easter came and did fine on wednesday from a biology book it's the biggest attack since december two thousand and twelve a dead heat with planes and artillery fire and closed border crossings because of prime minister benjamin that india was said that if that is too common the south of israel do with the noise in the gaza strip israel holds palestinian group must responsible i
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knew the routine use on him on them. cheese until clean we don't encourage him to heal grants. do we. over russian neighbors. and i believe that if we start to real talks with russia. they could be a real plot twist exit. undermines the entire global security and nuclear nonproliferation program. as after the sections. it would be very difficult to convince anyone. and the globe. he ought to have nuclear weapons i was. and hoo hoo hoo hoo
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hoo. poking. the is you it wants the three male oriented society profession based techniques like knives and physical strength has been taken on by a bomb in a forty five year old mother of three cows. the stock should. kylie is banishing iran syria taipei working as a butcher a new tree for my husband and managing her family's expectations his own party becoming a picture. they used to think i could never be a butcher but things got an honest to do it now i'm kinda nice but felt yes that was sensitive and i was done the hard task of being temperatures complicated by the ttc is expected to perform as a woman iranian
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society. everyday she must wake up at six am for morning prayers make breakfast and rushed to the small butcher shop at eleven am soon as they began to run back home to make lunch and then to return to the shop at three pm before closing time at eight pm. i'm beginning to kelly's husband said he was concerned about the negative impact of the violent and physically hard job on display through school but i wish i wasn't idiot. i told her that this job is like but not to let it change your attitude in the heat years later i noticed he didn't change your behavior in any way. then i thought i would have us here on post of the community of strong women in high powered jobs that have turned environmental protection organization in sydney and tech are serving as the country's first female vice president between nineteen eighty seven and two thousand five the fall of a young french and kill with a more toward syria. so as to
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support great for the parents of radical is keeps wanting to point in syria lightning francaise typing the wrong approach to the problem of young people joining the islamist rebel groups sixty year old dominique bombs discovered lost in thought i would his son nicholas a thirty year old convert to islam and the lead in the suicide bombing in the syrian city of homes just months after his younger brother beyond audio twenty one was killed in the fall extinctions had joined al qaeda links clinch great islamic strike iraq eleven once posted again in frequent contact with the sons of an ipa clutching a crime and a clutch of roy spoke in a propaganda video coaching brothers to join the fight in syria. the home of the visible with the do you watch many the views of the magicians being nice to have listened a lot to shake the blouse now. alan stevens love in our hearts the village in eighteen thirty. morgan played in the mortgage of america nicholas jones on your palms
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are among hundreds of youths who traveled to syria from fronds to join islam is great in recent years amid the expats that is growing and has already drooling more than two thousand volunteer photos from around uluru the french court system is reacting with toughness hunting down jail sentences even to potential the photos meanwhile on the socialists to support pray for the parents of radicalized use the shape of a professional on and would not stem the flood of young people traveling to syria or stop the process of radicalization. i did them over the golan stairs to get the family is to bring them all into moral support and off to bring them to give it to become strong and take the right action has yet to hear those songs. parents in the great great that you are peeing governments need to find wise to fight radical islam other than frightened young people into aisle when i will be axed ties to radical islamist preachers and hardened criminals
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sometimes the desire of snow was beginning to meet it reinforced of india to go back to the air. i don't know where no one care in jail. if it's an slr in the eye into contact with other prisoners maybe it would turn out good when they come on time the fifteen hundred. and she is across the west continue to rely says hundreds continued to come that islam and to email it to grips with concerns running either the return of the the fall it is to the west in the netherlands but he refused to issue travel documents to use wishing to travel to syria. i'm now calling for the confiscation of gospel of god is involved in the civil war the united states have to admit to national athletes to search for them recently complained that disappeared almost a week ago. across the gulf of thailand. a us destroyer
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when shipped from both countries to scare an eighty three thousand square kilometers in area the size of hungary to search for missing boeing seven hundred and seventy seven. sky news agency has said it's our life it just sits and suspicious floating objects and the thirteenth of march hijackings in leasing planes searching the area found no signs of it green tour of britain wall street journal u s investigators suspect that they get crafting for about four more hours after the scene contacted air traffic controllers. this raises the possibility of the aircraft was totally unfair that people avoid toppling over two thousand miles and then to pakistan police and authorities are investigating all causes for the disappearance including a possible hijacking after officials discovered at least two men boarded the plane easy to be legitimate sports able to immigrate to the west the international community has roundly rejected the legality of the upcoming
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crimean referendum on the ukrainian peninsula's that angela section to the russian federation with western nations say they will not recognize the vote to the united nations security council meeting in ten days on ukraine according to ukraine's constitution only a successful national referendum to allow a ukrainian territory to secede russian forces have in little more than a week taking over and plopped ukrainian military installations across the black sea crimean peninsula. the kremlin installed government run by russian mobster sergei axiom of known as the goblin has declared the region independent ukraine and called the referendum to confirm this. xm as a political party only received four percent of the vote and cranny is the last elections and he has no rocks to hold the boat on the sixteenth of march the second time and has been brought forward analysts are saying the ascension the park is back to the scene of the parliamentary votes imposed by the soviets to demonstrate their willingness to join the union. some studs
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and a russian soldiers patrolling the streets in the arab hostility and menace is unlikely to result in a high turnout for the vote despite polling numbers the kremlin's propaganda machine is likely to produce the peninsula's a regional muslim residents the crimean touch ours who are staunchly pro ukrainian but now a minority after moscow expelled them from their homeland in the nineteen forties have also called for a boycott of the farcical votes. some unseen huge whoosh whoosh of the word to use the study. the ceiling of the most cynical team in history is when people had to make a choice under the gun see when they are afraid about their children their families. there was a similar situation in twentieth century europe. when the aggressors came in force people to become collaborators. now all premiums have been offered to become collaborators. this is the kind of cynicism the international community must stop it is in use them
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to put into the social movements. russian president vladimir putin says moscow is acting to protect the rights of ethnic russians who make up the majority of india's population although they have been under no threat from the government in kyiv eu and us have warned that harsher consequences will be forthcoming. the student is not de escalate the situation loom. this area of the washington dc suburbs is all pretty great in jewish life. but this particular neighborhood maybe the very epicenter of israeli jewish culture known as the little kid books. one of the best ways to gauge the culture and the aspirations of the little components is to visit the schools here at farmland elementary at least one in ten students comes back from israel. we need in this area
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we wanted him. i was home to the case. so we can be close to that tuesday's coonan on top of my own face. his tone the common agency he must fail. plus the book and the changes could be so stupid tuesday's group selected mvp. coast to holland when the need to come home. in addition to farmland which is a elementary school the privately run jewish day school is just one of many jewish institutions a short drive away. at the heart of the neighborhood its cafes bahrain. one of the few only kosher restaurants in washington dc area. we specialize in patients and sandy beach pain inside me that easter bucket of slime off an awful the study patients. a year on the weekend. it's understood the addition of blood uptake of washington. customers come to cafes karina to peek at
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the taste of home including familiar is really dishes such as falafel sure of the salad to the salad and hummus with pita. it's one of the centerpieces of the little kid that's what it comes from israel as far as i know they start from him. and that team because they feel i get home it's not have enough friends and family in this area. and i know that school is this idiot that kids go to bed maybe get from a spell of the kids. so hubby can del should know she was one of the early converts moving from israel nearly forty years ago to work as the secretary to the passat to shake at the israeli embassy. she raised three children in a home filled with a eclectic jewish art collection. yes i have to know two women who went into the mix and had a nest in the conduct of the people of good will that night now frawley is lying. that they can afford a panicking the houses and on the stallions me. because of
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convenience because of the ot in the coastal for nothing liz and an awesome to be close to schools synagogues and intuitive to communicate i loved. in a no fault state most of the diplomatic movie night now and move into this area. meaning our schools and the jewish community center of greater washington. ari brief walk down the street enabling the community to keep the sabbath which can be a rear advantage in the car driven american suburban culture. one of the attractions of farmland elementary is its program for speakers of other languages the teachers here are especially aware of the learning differences for children grace speaking hebrew. in fact the entire community attempts to honor there is really transplants for making sure is the answer not scheduled to complete the jewish holidays readily available can share it. this is priscilla huff for jane one in rockville maryland
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sunburst explosion in new york city thrusts them to lead east harlem apartment buildings killing at least three people injuring more than twenty ml on leaving hundred thousand of those unaccounted for. sorry the last drop. the night before the us around knowing that in the court on structuring windies of the local y link debris on santa's flight to commute to railroad tracks close by like sending a plume of smoke on events going on. they even begun to say but the thought that was that the tv. so he was fussy. the muslim kid on people who are running ads say end of the mix was done running in pajamas bedrooms so on. idk about we've begun to smell. men like something
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worth living. on the stand he will be about. there was that it was so. she sent the plots me talk up a new one hundred sixteenth street did not produce results show was of middle east to list a bunch of books around twenty stupid broken blossoms shocked that store fronts on de pablo windies. they put the ball a doubt it will end up i had in the mall and dad instead when the baby king broke and shaking the baby get bitten shaking and then what they did it tight. then they come up and then i saw the biggest laughs and end up dog to come out of the ghetto outside the top of the outlawed. he meant it would keep the shiites to brush to the scene in east harlem where a task i tossed listed on the mast to block the sauna pool and covered pot cause said preliminary information site the explosion was caused by gas leak. blood was based on a gas leak. the impacts affected buildings. all rounds. the two that were
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destroyed. very heavy impact on the surrounding buildings a heavy fire has ensued as well the only indication was the call at nine thirty nine one three. but gas leak. and then the explosion occurred roughly fifteen minutes later the energy company called anderson said it immediately sent you tell it to a fist to tell the records but i didn't roll it until it was too likes the new york pa department to spot some one hundred and fifty members to the same the eye . sibling identity but no one cares because after you only visit the holy lance bass and festival that till the fashion week is taking off with a t local designers selling off their latest collections under the watchful eye health guest of honor. but since gas is
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yummy to the editor in chief of vogue italia. silly wanted to find out from the city's mayor wrong with the code he sees his city's fashion week compared to other fashion weeks around the world. we are not trying to be like somebody else would i die the city often ended up living out our product to me and i were skewed to learn to use them. exactly like this outdoor fashion week is different than i was a common scene and then you understand it took two more tonight is the man behind the atf and the spirit of the two of the fashion week so we wanted to find out from him how hard it is for him to keep that caused it to light our door
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many people. they're so heavy and at the windows only the beginning. you know for certain is no question. we know from every sale. so seeing that it's here. some of israel's leading ladies in hollywood. iranian especially to their hometown to graze at noon with the presents and some real glamour as they gave us some of their wisdom of how to live the lives up to the hike was obviously a guy israelis to the israeli writers which is which is in the indiana house and that is why this story dealing with in israel in general and the area. a vibrant society the thing out. they cleared the air is so creamy and very
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bad for what's to be. and the bits and that's that beginning on my right that's me. we can not do it eyes. it was to do it and to support without asking the kid still on the editor in chief oh well good idea from cassettes i knew what she feels is a viable this down but did vibrant fashion week feels like for her. i assume it is in you and see the video content. here is that. i get to it. getting educated about the time the delight that the plan identifies and presenting. so i checked the time to get it to go to the top. the ikea to suck on them but to be with
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you the chili fashion week as on the dollar may become one of the most prominent events happening in the city that menopause is the many sponsors of the event went to make sure it won't lag in style compared to the other fashion weeks around the globe and have shelled out an estimated two million dollars to make it an unforgettable affair. but jane one on one jacobson at the opening gala of the twenty fourteen in the fashion weekend delivery for blake us national store tea i can see on a mixed it would start in tuesday's concert like that secret as the american supplied its operations addressed the crowd the festival comes out the shia south by southwest interactive festival. he was tardy living in russia and ten prius all
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of them did not appear in person at a technology conference in austin texas to participate remotely via video link from last time when he criticized current arm for my ns i had them rolled in calming and snack on national security in the us. when asked if he was satisfied that these decisions for the last one and a science might and snowden said. what i do this again. beyond is absolutely yes. regardless of what happens to make this is something we have the relief and i took an honor to support and defend the constitution and our soul to the constitution was all i liked it all massive sky ears she reaches the top of hollywood's favorite costume design in the snow would try to be off to summer bay st two thousand or ten collection showcased in line for close to sixty ensembles were some of hollywood's
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welcome. the collection and designers the preseason needed to increase the creek for a nice summery skirt slim pants p states are nice long downs widespread applause as jackets and mind in trousers a summer affair played about one hundred sq romantic notions were displayed using rear springs and overlapping embellishments hints of pink a new term. these stars white and black completed the color spectrum in the collection playing with the traditional woman's where the designer added physical steps to decrease to saris and chillies which is a blouse worn to the story. for the men's wear pants red's i wanted to know and when terry and larry's to five sets of clothes orange yellow and the style prints for both men's and women's wear the show and included swing coats can smile and downs in a tiny printed three quarter sleeve charlie. speaking about his choice of model for the show stoppers finale hunter said that she likes to wait to knock she carries indian clothes and also
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denies her work and films this is the weekend. seas to two visits to the ability to somebody on but it is due to different kinds of foods us to the slower we ate. to that santa was good because it doesn't taste that is going to isu and lots of islam and you think you can do it. he bent organized to mark the fall of cherries clothing drumming video displaying designers patients will continue until the sixteenth of march in the grand hyatt hotel in mumbai. up. posters calling for peace in ukraine allow industry to lead into kits independence class old molly done onto some of the forty countries have come to be a trip to the exhibition boredom elyse by police is the piece you crying and design as an artist collective. the strong messages and colorful displays of the st exhibition which slices on to the eye to
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this day was timed out lloyd on attracted the attention of many a possibility exhibition or the noise the side that have received hundreds of posters for mullet is all across the world sending them messages of peace. would you not look very good sense of comedic designed to support this. thanks to them we managed to organize a contest that exhibition in the center of kiev and the year the crisis in ukraine since the capture of the solace of people across the world hollywood's oscar award winning george clooney in john you're a and supports thing that angelic politician the immediate am ashamed of wearing it to the senate calling for release after time politician on oaks was like a microsoft founder bill guy has a business card to richard branson a post i will pull gone with and support for the troubled nights. top
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supermodels. praise ye him hiding inside a house showing off the trade secrets two thousand fourteen summer swimwear on the rooftop pool in west hollywood. this two new designs including online bikini top slightly bottoms and cropped floral tops. and tracy ann and fiance of maroon five frontman adam mean things we do sometimes and kisses to the cameras as the sterner stuff than you need on circumscribed the tunis. standing barefoot in the cleverly decorated rooftop displaying her sculpted to seek after having two children embracing me some tips on how women coming in at the beach and pool what makes it beats reading stephanie light fittings and watching some sports outside even if you get a guy likes the beach or the foliage is like texting going to be an exercise to lags says i eat healthy ego i still like this now and now michael liked routinely face that's how some fruit so did the right
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size specimens summer days victoria secrets swimwear line is available worldwide at the company's retail stores. five hundred surfers from thirteen different nations. some pro others and teachers have descended upon the spouse through the queensland sunshine groups for the world's festival the dark spectacular has become one of the most part leary benson indispensable surfing. thousands of spectators gathered to do some incredible performances by hounds and their masters the noosa festival of surfing was founded in nineteen ninety was an amish are surfing competition called the smell of the classic the lab called mentors to bring friend's sister. but the event's popularity among competitive long borders keep the club an opportunity to take the events that next level and in nineteen ninety six the professional division introduced. this year's event
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saw sixteen international backpackers most of the unfamiliar with certainty the crash course are in the midst of deep end of the competition. the noosa festival of surfing began on sunday the ninth of march in romans two fifteen. will you do. will he be. to me. will
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who are it will the is on zz you can only think that he stands. and they'll do something that tends to get it yet. it seemed ok by me see that. warm. using noon y'all. it's the dog to sit down. no they are clunky and not the end of the main any team is doing about the meeting. that is
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the scene. it is. the shirts were sent to search for the missing aircraft anonymous sources told the wall street journal that the malaysian boeing missing over the south china sea cannot stop for four hours later after disappeared from radar. americans made these conclusions based on the data obtained from the engines according to the newspaper the data is automatically transferred to the rolls royce company which supplies aircraft engines packages containing reports on the general conditions of turbines speed and altitude of the aircraft are usually transmitted every half an hour. the newspaper explains that the boy disappe


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